Government contractors

With a demanding and unpredictable client and a mission-critical orientation, government contractors are in a unique position. They are beholden to both slow-moving federal budgeting and quickly-shifting priorities, and they can’t afford a disruption in the services they deliver. Government contractors need to be close to their clientele, and they often face other geographic hurdles dictated by the federal government.

At West, Lane & Schlager, we’ve worked with scores of government contractors so we have a deep understanding of these challenges. That means we have the skills and experience to negotiate contract-contingent leases with minimum risk so you can hit the ground running when the pen hits paper. Outside of achieving aggressive economic terms, we know how to build flexibility into your lease so you aren’t entirely at the whim of your client.

Our years of experience also give us insight into the trends shaping the real estate marketplace for government contractors. That means we can see opportunities around the corner which can give you a leg up on planning for success and get the most out of your square footage, your team and your clients.

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Administrative Services, Inc.

The government contractor retained WLS to dispose part of their space in their Bethesda offices.

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Encore Management Corporation

There was no longer a need for the government contractor to own and occupy their entire building, so they retained WLS to find the right buyer at the right time.

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