Tech companies

Greater Washington is fast becoming a hub for innovation and high technology companies. We understand the unique requirements of firms working at the cutting edge — from the early days of prototyping to the massive scaling up that comes with a new round of investment. We’ve already helped high-profile firms go from a great idea to the site launch, app rollout and beyond.

West, Lane & Schlager understands that the fortunes of technology firms like yours are synced with the power of ideas and the commitment of funding partners. We can help you plan for success and get you into the right lease — making sure you have options no matter where your technology roadmap leads.

In other words, we hunt for more than just office space with an open plan. We help you find the right home at every stage of the company – ensuring your lease agreement is in sync with your rapidly changing business plans. If you’re looking for a collaborative space to get your people out of the cubicle farm and the creative juices flowing, we can guide you to an affordable option that meets your needs.

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Distil Networks

Distil engaged WLS to evaluate their real estate situation and identify all possible alternatives for the most optimal expansion strategy.

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