Tenant Representation

If your business needs a new home or you’re stuck with a bad lease or the wrong space, you shouldn’t search for a solution on your own. You need a partner with decades of real estate experience, working on your behalf and committed to creating the smartest solutions for any challenge you might face. Most importantly, you need a partner that exclusively represents tenants.

Tenant representation is much more than averting the conflicts of interest inherent with firms that also represent landlords. Tenant representation is a mindset and a culture that creates an environment of success that national, landlord-oriented firms cannot achieve. 

The West, Lane & Schlager philosophy is clear: it’s always a tenant’s market because we know how to create the leverage necessary to achieve your specific real estate goals. Our job is to use that experience across a range of industries to absorb the hard work for you - ensuring a smooth and smart transition. 

Tenant representation is more than just executing a great deal and saving the client money. It’s a collaborative partnership that continues long after the transaction is completed. That includes annual review, lease audit and a trusted advisor to answer any questions or issues you might have along the way. Maybe that’s why 70% of clients refer West, Lane & Schlager to other organizations.

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